Our experts are committed to delivering impact.

Melissa O'Neill

Director of Operations
Having built two companies from the ground up, Melissa has a distinct knowledge of the unique challenges faced by businesses looking to expand quickly or establish in the UAE. Her insight and experience mean she will be able to quickly understand your needs and formulate the best plans to support you with your growth plans, providing guidance and consultation every step of the way.‍

Matthew Golding

General Manager
Having led the accounts for People Partners’ existing 149 clients and responsible for People Partners’ own growth, Matthew is a critical stakeholder in our partnership with you. He is uniquely positioned to provide deep insights that will enhance and strengthen the foundations on which you base your business goals.

Luana Dante

Senior Recruitment Consultant
Joining us in 2021, Luana quickly made her presence felt in the team, proving an exceptional capability of helping our ambitious clients source, screen, hire and deploy mid-large scale teams against the most demanding of deadlines. Arriving to Dubai fromBrazil having taught herself English in just six short months, she applies such dedication to all her work, regularly earning her praise from stakeholders both sides of the table.

Dieta Riyanti

HR & Community Manager
Supporting our contractors with everything from visa and work permit matters, payroll queries, through to more complex issues that require insight, sensitivity, and quick action,‘Deets’ is the go-to troubleshooter. It’s this contribution to the business that regularly see her receiving gratitude from clients and candidates alike.