We pride ourselves on being people first.

Established in 2015, we are driven by the vision to see the UAE as the best place in the world to live and work. From our Dubai HQ in the prestigious Downtown district, our gang of experts have pooled their collective expertise to help over 150 businesses, across the entire UAE region, succeed in meeting their growth ambitions.

A great company culture is busy, productive and positive, where professionalism and expertise is paramount.

We always aim to deliver an incredible client service experience
We try to keep things simple – avoiding unnecessary complications
We always aim to find and hire the best people
Everyone carries influence - always lead by example
As the needs of businesses across the UAE have evolved to meet the changing labour laws & employment landscape , our business also evolved - but our brand promise to 'Keep Things Simple' remains the same.

People Partners has always been a little bit different. We launched because we saw change across the staffing & labour landscape was inevitable. From rapidly changing workplace environments and technological advancements, to the growing importance of creating a people-first business culture.

Since 2018, People Partners has expanded beyond a staff outsourcing company to become a leading end-to-end employment solutions provider for businesses of all sizes.

Today, we help hundreds of customers around the region grow their own way and thousands of talented professionals get ahead in their career , working in companies that value them.

We tell all of our team & employees to show integrity and lead by example, demonstrating to our clients and candidates that building a successful business or career means staying true to yourself.

What guides us.

A shared vision

We want the UAE to be the best place to live and work in the world.

Maintain integrity

Work with companies who embrace people-first values and share a belief in our vision.

Lead by example

Professionalism, expertise and trust leads to longstanding and profitable partnerships.

Keep things simple

Maintain clarity and transparency,  avoiding indifferent corporate language and meaningless management speak.

Hire the best people

No corporate company culture, just a gang of great people trying their collective best to help other people succeed.

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Our people are ambitious and empowered to shine and make a difference to the people we work with. If you share in our values – do you have your ego in check?
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