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70% of hires would be classed as Mis-hires!?!

If hiring managers had a time machine and had the option to return the “scene” of a hire 7/10 times they would NOT choose the same candidate again. Whether thats down to performance, cultural fit, attitude or whether that candidate was actually needed in the business. I posted a Jack Welch quote today “Whether its […]

Should you accept a counteroffer?

You’ve made the decision to move on to pastures new. Applied for positions, interviewed and received an offer. Congratulations! You may or may not have considered that your manager could add a counteroffer into the equation. What should you do in this instance? Take it in your stride, thank your manager for the counter offer […]

The Importance of Interview Experiences

The hiring process is the first step in building a great team. All candidates deserve a positive interview experience and when you master this, you are providing your company with an excellent marketing tool, a negative interview experience can be devastating for both the brand and company reputation. Why is it so important to provide […]