Need a boost of confidence when job hunting?

You have made your decision and you are committed to looking for a new job. The question nagging at you in the back of your mind though is, will I be able to find a good job?

Suddenly the anxiety kicks in and the “what if’s” start hammering away at your confidence.

What if this is the wrong move for me ? What if I don’t perform as quickly as they need me to ? What if salaries don’t match my current level? What if my colleagues don’t welcome me ? What if ? What if ?


A simple three step plan can help remove some of those fears and give you a real focus on what exactly you want next in your career.

Grab three pieces of blank paper

On piece number one –

“Why do I want to move jobs?”

Write down each reason for your intended move in order to truly understand the real motivation for your new job search… is it due to lack of opportunities? Not getting on with your boss? You no longer enjoy the job you are doing? Whatever the reason, writing them down will ensure that when you get to interview stages with companies you are interested in joining, you will really know why you want to move and ensure your new opportunity ticks all of these boxes.

On piece number two –

“Why am I better than others in the market?”

Split this paper into two and keep in mind that this is the time to really be honest with yourself.

On one side write down all of the good points about yourself, including soft and professional skills, and on the other write points you feel need development or changes.

Once you have done this it will give you a clear picture of your pluses and minuses from an employers perspective. From this you will want to develop an elevator pitch about yourself, so that you really have a clear understating of why you are a great fit.

No one is perfect and employers know this, so the fact that you now have development points and are already taking action against these will stand you above the rest.

Finally on piece number three…..

“Devise a job search plan”

Write down all of the ways you can potentially find that new exciting position and what you need to do. Prepare for success.

  • Start by updating your CV and professional Linkedin Page.
  • Contact recruiters (people like myself)
  • Speak to your network about potential opportunities.
  • Know what package you are looking for before you begin the process, and don’t be greedy (remember the real reasons you are searching from question one – unless the only answer you gave was to increase salary you should be keeping an open mind in this area.
  • Draft a short customizable covering letter and highlight those skills not in your CV (Make sure it is short and to the point).
  • Make a list of 10 groups you would like to develop your career with and set alerts for when a new role is posted with them.
  • Check your wardrobe – make sure if called for an interview your best interview outfit is ready to go.

The more you know about yourself, the reasons for wanting to move and the types of groups you would like to join the more resilient you will find yourself when faced with setbacks and a new found courage will focus you on that all important goal!

*James is an experienced international recruitment expert working for SwissGulf Partners a group specialising in IT & Tech, Aviation, BFSI and SME recruitment.